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December 1, 2016

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August 31, 2016

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Hands-on Self-study

August 1, 2016

Hey Yo!


So, last week I promised some chaturanga/hand positioning work, and here it is!  I have more… much more… but I figure it could be more fun to space it out into future weeks and build piece by piece.

Ever do the chaturanga vinyasa in mid-air?  We’ll start off with that (it’s not as crazy as it sounds!) and then do a whole bunch of vinyasas, repeating poses so that we can revisit them and keep getting used to the experience of each shape.  Returning to shapes, returning to a familiar experience so that we can get really in touch with how our body greets each pose.


Because that’s important knowledge!  Knowing our bodies, our selves, that’s important stuff.  For example, I know I have long limbs and a tendency to feel disconnected from them as a result of that.  So I have to focus on engaging my whole body in strong poses because I tend to leave pieces out.  (My feet are almost 6 feet from my brain, man, thats a long way to stay focused.)


Brian Little gave an awesome TEDtalk about how knowing the details of our personalities helps us to deal effectively with our lives.  You should watch it, it’s right here.  (In case you haven’t guessed, I’m pretty high up there on the OCEAN scale… )


But first, do some yoga with me.  It’ll be fun!


AND as a major bonus, you can do it to a soundtrack of music from “my boyfriend” Tommy Rodgers from Between the Buried and Me.


[Disclaimer: Tommy Rodgers is NOT my boyfriend. He’s got a rad lady and a sweet little boy and probably no idea that I exist but the teenage girl inside of me doodles initials and hearts and “4eva”s inside of my brain because his voice is gorgeous and the music he creates is golden, he doesn’t eat meat and he once gave an interview saying he doesn’t wanna grow up, so, yeah….]


Anyways, his solo project is Thomas Giles and his more recent albums are pretty rad so you should check them out. There’s a link in the video for the soundtrack so you can click it at the right time but if you wanna check it out on its own then it’s right here on my YouTube channel.


So, yeah!  Yoga!  Self-Study!  Spending some time getting handsy! I can’t wait.  You probably can’t wait either, so go hit play and move with me and jam with me and then tell me all about how you love this new soundtrack format (you know, rather than the old way where it was right in the video… do you still like it?)


Cheers, yo!

-*- Namaste -*-






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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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