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- Gone Wild - 

Let's retreat into nature! Spend a weekend in the beautiful wilderness of Mt Hood as we practice a little yoga, nerd out a little on philosophy and our experiences with the practice, enjoy the lake, and relax a bunch in the stars and each others' company! 

Date: June 7-9, 2024
Time: is an illusion. But I guess Friday evening-ish till Sunday whenever.

Place: Clear Lake (Just past Government Camp) in Oregon

Cost: Just the cost of your food and gear. In the spirit of Deep Dark Yoga, donations are accepted but not at all necessary.


"What are we doing?"

In general, I'm the last to profess to have an answer to that question... but what I'm thinking for this weekend is that we can gather together in the beautiful local wilderness to unplug and connect with each other through a little yoga practicing, and share some food and spread some joy.

Can I bring my kiddo? Yes! But please know this is not specifically a "child friendly" event. Other non-parents will be there, I swear like a sailor, the topics may not be super kid-friendly... but you can totally bring a willing and interested or too-young-to-notice kiddo with you. 
Can I bring my doggo? Yes! Just take care of their needs like you would a kiddo. Know there will be other dogs, possibly kiddos, and make decisions and plans that promote everyone's happiness (including your doggo). My intention is to allow any well behaved person or animal to be unleashed as appropriate.
Can I have a drink/smoke? Yeah! This is not a dry/sober event (but like, it's also not a huge rager party so...keep that in mind) Have a beer, whatever, let loose, enjoy yourself. I'm sure we can all be cognizant of maintaining a respectful and enjoyable environment for all. I don't know any smokers that would smoke anything within range of someone who isn't consenting to it, basically just keep up the excellent good humaning behavior, folks.
What if I don't have a ride/gear? What if I have extra gear to share?

There's probably someone who can help you out, and someone you can help! When you email me to RSVP please include your texting number and download whatsapp. I will create a group chat for anyone that mentions they want to be included that will allow people to connect for rides and gear sharing.

How do I RSVP and how will I find the camping spot? Just email me at and say you wanna join in the camping retreat (even if it's just a maybe, set the intention and see what develops! You can ask me any additional questions too, I'm always happy to help) Please include your number even if you do not want to engage in this group chat because I will send out a picture of markers and the site so that you know what to look for. 


An extremely loose and non-specific Itinerary...

- Arrive and set up camp.

I will have space claimed around 3pm. Take your time driving out after work/life and setting up your gear. Hang out with me if you're early, however you wanna relax and unplug.
- Greetings and intention setting ~ 7:30pm or so (when we've all arrived)
This will be a little introduction for everyone to say hi, set an intention for the weekend, talk about why we're each here, and move into whatever sounds fun, continuing into the evening.

- Gentle Soft Easy Practice ~ 7:45pm This will just be a little movement to unwind from the week, ease the body, dust off the drive, and settle into some longer restorative poses. About a 30-40 minute practice, then on to enjoying the evening together!

- Lazy wake-up and breakfast.

Take your time coming into consciousness, enjoy whatever morning activities or routines call to you, greet the day however you please. I have a morning gratitude and intention journaling practice I'd be happy to share as a group endeavor for whomever is interested. Maybe you also have something to share?
- Journaling, Meditation, and Dharma Discussion ~ 11:00am

This weekend's theme is "connection". While we take this time to connect with nature and each other, what other connections are present and valuable in your life? Journaling prompt questions will be offered, we will take a group meditation together, and leave some time to reflect and discuss. This may take around a half hour, with time in between to break, snack, and prepare for practice.

- Yoga Practice ~ Noon
A simple practice for every body. Some simple flow movements to catch the energy of the forest breeze, and gentle, basic stretches to ground ourselves. Roughly an hour practice.

- Free time! 
Wanna take a nap? Read a book? Take a walk? Play some games? Get in or on the lake? Do that!

- Dinner and unwinding ~ 7pm

Cooking whenever we get hungry, playing some games, chatting, exploring, whatever makes your heart happy. We might circle back around to the morning's discussions and intentions to continue the conversation.
- Lazy wake-up and breakfast 

Again, on your own timing, coming into the day in ways that hopefully you find very nourishing. My morning practice is open to partake in, maybe you have something you'd like to share with others.
- Journaling, Meditation, and Dharma Discussion ~ 11:00am

What sort of intentions or thoughts might help you bring more connection in your life when you go home? How has time in nature helped this? Journaling prompt questions will be offered, we will take a group meditation together, and leave some time to reflect and discuss. This will likely be a bit shorter session than Saturday, with only a brief pause before practice

- Yoga Practice ~ 11:30
A shorter practice than yesterday with a similar and likely repetitive focus on many of the poses and sequences to encourage familiarity and ease in the body. Maybe 30 minutes or so.

- Whatever till whenever

If you're in no rush to go home, hang out and play games and enjoy the wilderness. If you gotta go, you gotta go, but it's been so great to have you here as a part of the experience!

Every single thing on the "itinerary" is totally optional. Do as little or as much of any "structured" activity you like. I laid out a general plan but literally nothing is all that important. I'm not your mom, this isn't school, it's an opportunity to do whatever strikes your fancy! Don't wanna hike? Don't wanna yoga? Don't wanna talk to strangers? All good!

What to bring... A non-exhaustive list from a generally over-prepared type-A camper

Somewhere to sleep - A tent and air mattress perhaps? I sleep in a hammock with a yoga mat lining the bottom for comfort and warmth. Maybe you feel better in your car somehow. Plan for it to get cold and damp at night.
Something to sit on - Get a camping chair. Bring literally anything you will find more comfortable and familiar to sit on.

Something to practice yoga on - Bring an extra blanket/towel and a matt if you have it. You will be glad to have extra pillows and possibly blankets for some more restorative poses but using your rolled up sleeping gear will be ok too.
Something to eat What can you eat for about 5-6 meals? Ask me for ideas. Snacks too! 

Something to drink - Please please please have at least two days worth of water. Grab a gallon. Two if you're me. Be hydrated. I will be the water pusher! If you're imbibing, be sure to have NA alternatives around. Juice and coffee are great for waking up and nourishing ourselves! Do you have your coffee creamer? I'm a coconut milk person, yum!

Something to make your food with - Plan for a fire ban. Probably not this early in the year, but you never know. Do you have a camp stove? Have you arranged use of one from the group chat? Do you have fuel for it? Did you bring pans? Spatulas? Knives? Serving utensils? Foil? Serving dishes? Storage containers
Something to eat your food on - Remember some plates and bowls and cups! Forks, Knives, Spoons, and grab some paper towels! I'm messy AF and I need them even more camping. 

Something to wear Honestly I rarely change clothes much camping, but I need layers and will change the base layers. Have enough clothes for it to be between 50* and 80* and that 50* is gonna feel much colder when you can't go inside and you might have gotten some sun that day. And remember you are likely to get wet, there's a lake here and it's also Oregon and it rains. I ususally bring at least 2 pairs of socks per day.

Something for sun protection Apply, apply, and again with that sunscreen! Hats and sunglasses are nice too

Something for bug protection I know, they don't exist in Portland, its because because they all went in on mountain property together

Something for the waste you will produce - Hi, you're gonna need to pee and poop. Get TP, a spade to take care of it, and also make sure you have a way to pack out your trash and recycling.

Something for cleanliness Plan to want to clean yourself up a bit. That means different things to everyone. Maybe its extra water to birdbath? Factor that in. You'll also wanna wash your food eating devices. So more water again. Personally Im a big fan of wet wipes when in the woods. Face wipes, body wipes, and disinfectant stuff for food
Something for emergencies 
Look, even if you're not accident prone, you're spending a few days with me. Just bring some bandaids and antiseptic and expect the unexpected.

Something for light - Your phone battery will die quickly if its flashlight is all you have. Have a way to charge it, but better yet a lantern or actual flashlight, those are pretty rad.

Something for joy - Do you like to read? Journal? Knit? A crossword in the morning? Bring it!

Something to share Got a favorite game? A good deck of cards? An activity to share? A speaker for music? Bring it!

Contact me about any questions you have!!

Will you have service at the campsite? I'm not sure that you will. Maybe camping, definitely not on the trail. If you need to check in with the world it is a very very short drive to Rhododendron!


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